• Breakfast Parfait ToGo - Summer 2013 post

    Breakfast is this most important meal of the day...am I starting to sound like a broken record? But, it’s true! 

    Ensuring you get a complete meal for breakfast including protein, carbohydrates and health fats is extremely important when it comes to breaking your overnight fast and fuelling yourself for the day to come.

    This breakfast idea is great for on the go. All you need is a sealable jar and some delicious and nutritious ingredients and you will have an awesome breakfast in no time.

    Since apricots and blueberries are in season these are perfect additions to your breakfast. If you have the time to do some canning and preserving you can keep eating local all year long.

    Check out this post for for simple ideas to preserve fruit: Nourishing meals -Simple ways to preserve fruit.

    Canning is a great activity to do with friends/loved ones - since it takes time and often leads to a large quantity of canned goods. If you’re new to canning make sure to consult someone who has done this before to ensure safe technique to reduce bacteria contamination.

    Fresh apricot and blueberry mash breakfast parfait

    Ingredients for Parfait

    1/2 cup rolled oats

    2 tbsp chia or hemp seeds

    1 tsp cinnamon

    1 cup greek full fat yogurt

    1/2 cup blueberry mash

    2 apricots sliced

    Ingredients for blueberry mash

    1 1/2 cup blueberries

    1/2 lemon juice and zest

    a couple slices of fresh ginger (optional)


    Add each ingredient in layers in bowl or travel container ( I used a mason jar). Start with oats, cinnamon and chia seeds and mix these together. Then add greek yogurt, 1/2 cup berry mash and sliced apricot.

    Preparing blueberry mash:

    Stew 1 cup blueberries, lemon juice and zest and ginger for 15 minutes over medium heat. Once finished stewing add 1/2 cup fresh blueberries. Keeps in fridge for up to 3 days.


    This year we preserved fresh peaches and nectarines for the Fall /Winter.

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