Dr. Lani Nykilchuk

Naturopathic Family Doctor

  • GREEN SMOOTHIE - Summer 2014 Post

    I have been drinking this concoction all Summer long. It’s so refreshing and delicious. 

    It’s also a great smoothie to have through the Fall season since it’s full of immune supportive ingredients.











    Sweet Liquid Greens


    Serves 1


    1/2 cup apple juice ( I like Santa Cruz Apple Juice)

    1/2 cup water

    1/2 lemon juice 

    1 thumb of ginger peeled

    1 stick celery

    1 small cucumber

    1 bunch greens- spinach, kale, chards (whatever you have on hand)

    optional:  2-4 tbsps of chia seeds, flax seeds or hemp hearts



    Add all above ingredients to high powered blender and blend till liquified.


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